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J&J Cement Contractors LLC was started in 2019 by three life long friends. Our mission is to bring quality old world craftsmanship at reasonable prices. John the head finished is a 3rd generation cement mason.

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John LaSpada a life long cement contractor finisher with over 25 years of experience as well as card carrying member of local 592 a 3rd generation cement mason. John has finished concrete sidewalks, outdoor rooms, patios, driveways, steps, retaining walls, slabs.

Jeff Travelina is a serial entrepreneur with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Drexel University. Jeff has more than 25 years business ownership experience with several types of companies. Jeff is the lead estimator on the team.

Joe Powers a cement contractor finisher with over 15 years experience. His reputation and skill is well know throughout his field. Joe is excellent with concrete finishing, with a specialty in concrete steps and sidewalks.

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J&J Cement Contractors LLC specializes in Concrete Yards, Outdoor Rooms, Patios, Driveways, Sidewalks, Basements, Stamp Concrete, Steps, Exposed Aggregate concrete and more! Contact us today to schedule your Free Estimate.



Sidewalks of any size. Concrete finishing styles include  broom or rosette.



Parge Walls, level existing concrete floor, replace cracked and damaged floor.



New concrete patios, outdoor rooms, remove and replace existing concrete patios and expanding of an existing concrete patio.


Remove and replace cracked or damaged concrete yards. Remove and replace damaged broken cinder block walls.



Replace cracked and damaged driveways. Add to existing driveways and remove grass, dirty and add a new driveway.

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